The PanAmerica

10,000 miles, 33 states, 4 friends and 1 car. . . for a cause.

On July 27th we will begin an epic journey that will take us around the entire country.

Our goal is to raise awareness and funds for The ALS Association in Gilles Galerne’s name.

As a group of friends embarking on the road trip of a lifetime, we are excited to create memories that will last forever.

We will record it all so that we may share our epic adventure with others, and just like the ALS patients we are hoping to help, our story will live on long after the journey is over and continue to help in the fight for a cure to ALS.

And one day, hopefully not too long from now, a cure to ALS will be found, and we can sit down with all of our friends and family, perhaps over some good food and good wine, and watch the story of the PanAmerica together, just the way Gilles would have done it.

Why are we doing all this?
Read The Story and find out.

19 thoughts on “The PanAmerica

  1. Gary ,tu mérites vraiment le père que tu as eu,ce que tu fais est fantastique,Gilles doit être super fier de te voir te lancer dans cette aventure de dingues !
    Roule ma poule !!!
    Les cousins du pays des fromages qui puent …

    • Merci les cousins!
      A partir du 27 Juillet, suivez bien ce site internet…vous allez vous marrer!
      Grosses bises!

  2. C’est une super idée, j’ai trop hâte de vous voir sur la route.Super fière de mon cousin et de ses amis ! Vous êtes géniaux !

  3. in memory of my best buddy, my wine guru and my favorite crew and chef on board. will be there to celebrate his life and friendship

  4. Come visit Sodak! Lots of amazing sites in the Black Hills! :) Plus You HAVE to stop in Wall Drug in the tiny town of WALL off I90 right near the bad lands.. the place is EPIC! Safe travels!

  5. Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could do this road trip AROUND the country and live to tell the tale?! Oh wait…that’s what we’re doing!

    Excited 2.0

  6. I am more proud than I can say! Go for it boys and let’s hope for a cure sooner rather than later…

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