The Heroes

The names are current as of August 29th. The Ice Bucket Challenge is reeking a wonderful havoc on the the donation systems, so names may be a little slow to appear. We promise we’ll do our best to get you up as soon as we can!


Help us move the needle by clicking on that big white button to the right. Then, you do something with your credit card and . . . magic!

Our most sincere thanks to all those who have already donated to this cause!

Natalie Hayes
Arvin Shajanian
Stephanie Spiegel
Charles Devanneaux
Sophie Cercuel
Rob Robol
Shruti Dhalwala
Arthur Forney
Arthur Siegel
Lauren Silva
Trent Olsen
Katia Fighiera
Sydney Katz
Laura Legge
Briatte Laure
Leslie Galerne
Breanne Meade
Melissa Et Carlos Cledera Galerne
Jaqueline Lacroix
Eric Nytko
Angelika Gollmann
Jared Jamesson
Mary Shawne Fitzgerald
Bo Buckley
Jennifer Goodman
Liz Sczudlo
Sandra Carpenter
Spencer Lindenman
Rob Westerling
Beverley Ervine
Jérôme Lacroix
Patrick Moorse
Amelia Ramaker
Katia Fighiera
Nikhil Mehta
Vincent Paternoster
Odysee Marie Chaponot
Guy Denjean
James Grohman
Nadine Chardin Destouches
K5600 Lighting France
Alvin Moser
Chelsea Sullivan
Cindy Schauer
Robert Meyer
Kara Hensley
Anne-Cecile Devanneaux
Cohen Duncan
Kenny Et Rafica Galerne
Cheryl Quiroz
Albert Silvera
Justin Flam
Isabelle Guy
Ronan Kapetanovic
Matthew Scott
Jennifer Lerman
Vanessa Tobias
Christina Jasmine Kassimatis
Eileen Healy Wegrzyn
Stephanie Hoffer
Matt Plaskoff
Rachelle Caoagas
Melissa Robol
Judy Ken Ali And Sam Miller
Edward Lawson
Barb And Ken Powers
Carole Foran
Ethel Treister
Blair Thompson
Nancy Evelhoch
Annika Kucheman
Adam Ragheb
Craig Leeds
Cecile & Marc Gareton
Thomas Paternoster
Greg Geiger
Dannelle Hays
Melissa Sodetani
Roxane Zargham
Paula Marshall
Steven Donia
Katherine Costantini
Bernard Jacoupy
Mathew Kaplan
Patrick Caraco
Michael Tenbush
Carter Sutphen
David Bruns
Susan Strick
Justin Speed
Sara Powers
Jennifer Vroom
Pascal Leon
Anthony Pucci
Cherryl Goldstein
Dominique Jamgotchian
Rimona Seay
Sue Bernstein
Christine Galerne
Thierry Garepian
Pascal Sineux
Cynthia Hatton
Bernard Gantes
Marc Galerne
Ann Davis
Jessica Widro
Dashiell Derouen-Hawkins
Herbert Lanford Jr.
Bill Whirity
Sarah Meyer
Clayton Marshall
Sara Roderick
Sara Powers
Alec Yarbrough

There are also a few very cool people who have made incredible donations of money, time and effort for our cause:

Christine Galerne, Leslie Galerne, Arthur Forney, Charles Devanneaux, Sandra Carpenter, Alvin Moser, Julie Himot, Jenica Lancy, Cherryl Goldstein, & Fred Fisher.

We are trying to come up with a fun yet appropriate way to recognize you other than our really novel list above, but appropriate is new to us, so it’s taking a little longer than expected.

We are truly grateful to all of you for not only the monetary donations, but all of your help in spreading the word as well. Our Facebook likes are awesome!

4 thoughts on “The Heroes

    • It costs $150 to hook it up to my computer and diagnose the problem. You may want to make sure your gas cap is tight, that could be the issue.

  1. Hey, “inappropriate” is my middle name (just ask Sara and Kelly), so this should be fun!
    The Story/Crew/entire Website is MARVELOUS – Gilles would be thrilled.
    PS – you guys need to come up with killer T-shirts…..

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