The Crew

We’ll be tweeting throughout the entire journey @ThePanAmerica, but our less official, perhaps less appropriate, tweets will happen on our personal accounts.

Gary – The Driver

Not only the Captain of the entire project, Gary will also be the lead driver of the trip.  Shortly after receiving his license, he was actually an instructor for a high performance driving school.  His skills will come in handy in the lot lizard slalom course, the emergency rest stop power slide challenge, and the roadkill drag races.

Matt – The Mechanic

Although he’s the most capable mechanic of the group, that’s really not much of an accomplishment.  Armed with a roll of duct tape, a fist full of zip ties and a AAA card, Matt will be responsible for reattaching car parts, in addition to body parts during our travels.

Trent – The Storyteller

Trent’s ability to continually speak, even when there’s nobody listening, will certainly come in handy while traversing that less exciting group of states with the straight lines for borders.  Also, as the acting Director of Apologies, Trent’s goal will be to keep us from being chased out of wherever we are at the time.

Rob – The Wild Card (Also, our legal team)

Yes . . . a real life attorney, despite all evidence to the contrary. Rob is his own doppelganger, and he does not negotiate with terrorists.  He will most likely be the reason we get into trouble, however when all the others fail, he will somehow always be the one to save the day. Attorney at Law, Warrior Poet, The Wild Card.

5 thoughts on “The Crew

  1. It was nice to chat with one of your crew today (sadly, I did not get his name, and not everyone has pics on their twitter).. I so wish I could have jumped in the car and left with you guys! I hope you all had a great lunch at Key Fisheries, Marathon! Best of luck in your endeavors!

  2. Gary – remind the crew to bring all medications. Pack antiseptic wipes, a first aid kit (for the crew AND the car), flares + everything for a road emergency, jugs of water, healthy snacks (sugar + carbs MAKE YOU SLEEPY – but they’re so good!). HYDRATE! (yes, you will have to make more pitstops, but you have stretch periodically anyway to AVOID BLOOD CLOTS!.) Have Sara teach you the road game “The Minister’s Cat”. Above all, be very, very careful driving (NO TEXTING!), being alert and watchful for deer, jaywalkers, sleepwalkers, zombies, shapeshifters (in Arizona), speed traps (below the Mason Dixon line), hail, fog, tornadoes, wildfires, etc. And have fun! :-)

  3. easily my favorite part- Matt will be responsible for reattaching car parts, in addition to body parts during our travels. hahaah!

    Good luck out there.

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