Our Pants Are Wet With Anticipation

Do you like adventure? Do you like competition? Do you like fighting ALS? Do you like seafood?

Well, all those and more are coming with the 2016 Pacific Cup race from San Francisco to Hawaii. The PanAmerica Crew will be providing land support for Sailing for ALS once again. ┬áIn the previous race, we managed the drive all the way from LA to SF and back without a single speeding ticket. We won’t make that mistake again . . . er um, yes we will. No, it wasn’t a mistake. We will drive, we will not speed. Well, Gary probably will speed but not too much. ┬áNevermind.

Anyways, Sailing for ALS has a great sponsorship opportunity. We were thinking of doing a bake sale to come up with the money to paint the sail with a picture of Rob in his unicorn mask, but Matt ate all the chocolate chips. That means there is still a chance for you or someone you know to jump on this. Not only can the boat be plastered with your business logo (or the picture of Rob, if you prefer) it also comes with some pretty sweet perks like access to Thirsty’s home marina, the California Yacht Club in Marina Del Rey, some sailing classes or pleasure cruising with Naos Yachts, and Trent will even read you the bedtime story of your choosing.

Please check out the Sailing for ALS website or contact Captain Charly for more info.

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