Grrrr update dslfkjdas (Day 11 Update)

Grand Teton:
Big mountains, nice views, friendly family gave us bible and wanted to help us find Jesus Christ.
**Spoiler Alert — He was not located.

Big water fountain smells bad and was actually quite underwhelming. There was some semi-nude swimming and it was not the Crew member you probably expect it to be. Okay, well Rob was involved, but it was Gary that stripped down with him and popped into a stream filled with hot springs.

Done at a manmade lake. Probably the best actual view of the sun setting (over the water) that we had all trip. Wine. Bees.

Arrival in ID:
Late night arrival but met with an awesome spread of pizza and beer. The dog was so excited that he exploded. We all took Benadryl and went to sleep after a group dog poo clean up effort. (It was a big dog and a lot of feces.)

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