Elusive Internet Monster (Day 2 Update)

Sorry for the slow updates, we rarely have internet access and the energy to use it at the same time. But, Trent is doing an excellent job keeping updates flowing from the phones, so check the facebook, twitter and instagram accounts for the current info.
5 Star Accommodations
As the final minutes of day one were ticking off the clock, we pulled in to our first overnight stop. Winding through a maze of neighborhood streets, we were looking for an address when we saw a poster on a garage door with our logo and the words “Welcome The PanAmerica”. Gary’s friend Patrick, his lovely wife Anna and their dog Indie, gave us a warmer welcome than we could ever have hoped for.

Matt slept like a baby angel and awoke fresh and ready for the first shift as driver the next morning. After showers and goodbyes, we drove off into a vista of hot air balloons, quietly knowing that we just left the best accommodations we’ll probably have for the next 14 days.

Never Give Up
You may know that the slogan of The ALS Association is “Never Give Up” and that is a theme that we are keenly aware of on this journey. Yesterday, Matt received a speeding ticket in AZ, but did he give up? Well, in the stretch of road between Albuquerque and Roswell he hit triple digits, so the answer . . . NO! In his defense, the road was wide, straight and completely empty all the way to the horizon.

Irony in Roswell
Roswell New Mexico was probably one of the places that we were all strangely excited to see. Unfortunately, Roswell was not as excited to see us because we came through town on a Sunday. Ironically, the town that believes in UFOs also believes in observing the day of the lord and literally shuts down on Sunday. We found an open Target, a gas station, a Whattaburger and the road out of town.

Rob was driving along when Trent yelled from the backseat to turn into a gravel lot he spotted at the last minute. Rob did it, and in a very Indian Jones-esque leap of faith, we went over a blind hill and off the side of the road, hoping that the drop off would be minor enough to survive and still get the car back to Porsche, because if we don’t return it (quick reminder that part of the purpose for this trip was to use every single mile that Gilles paid for and return the car at the very edge of the lease agreement. Driving it off of a cliff would probably violate the lease) Porsche really wins. We continued our tradition on the side of the highway, in what we think is called Austin Hill Country. The gravel lot was sprinkled with beer cans and malt liquor bottles, so we can only assume that we were not the first group of friends to share an especially touching moment during a sunset tradition that we’ll all remember for the rest of our lives.

We finally made it to Austin and were welcomed by Rob’s former resident Inez who graciously took us in. We then went out to meet up with Matt’s childhood friend Evan, Rob’s female equivalent/hero, Mikaela, and more than one . . . okay two French speaking amies who found us thanks to our article in French Morning Magazine. Together we and enjoy what is quite possibly the greatest food in the world, fried avocado, while Rob performed a scientific experiment. His hypothesis was that 100% of French men enjoy it when he kisses them on both cheeks. He was correct.

One thought on “Elusive Internet Monster (Day 2 Update)

  1. I love that Matt’s English major is being put to good use for a GREAT cause. I love all four of your guys but one of you in particular. I guess distance really does make the heart grow fonder… Miss you Rob!!!.;o)

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