Coming to an Abandoned Blockbuster Video Store near you!

I don’t have much commentary for this because I think it pretty well speaks for itself.
But I would like to say thank you to Anders Yarborough for being an incredible Director and Camera Man, Matt Sutphen for his aerial photography and expertise in dealing with Park Rangers, and Matthew Jensen for editing it all and making it look so damn cool.

7 thoughts on “Coming to an Abandoned Blockbuster Video Store near you!

  1. Je ne comprends pas encore très bien, mais Michel et moi sommes fiers de votre exploit pour Gilles, bravo les garçons, foncez… bisous et amitiés aux amis participants. CH/M. B

  2. Bon voyage les garçons !
    C’est sympa ce que vous faites,
    le souvenir de Gilles est si présent chez nous.
    Bonne route et tout et tout …

  3. This video is AWESOME!!! You guys are so badass. I’m so excited about this and to see you guys in NYC!

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