The Theme Song

Our music is obviously a big part of this trip for us. That is why we are so pleased to share with you, “End of Time” written specially for us by the very talented Sam Stone. Please click and listen. (right click and choose some variation of “save as” if you want to download it) [...]

Rain on our Parade (Day 6 Update)

Ze Germans After our latest hotel arrival yet, we began the day with our earliest hotel departure yet. To put it into perspective, just know that the first thing Matt did when he got to the room was take a shower, and his hair was still damp when we left. But that’s okay because we [...]

A Little Detour (Day 5 Update)

A Little Detour The original itinerary called for us to wake up in Key West and drive 24 straight hours to New York City. After our long drive the night before, we were looking forward to it about as much as we were looking forward Trent sharing another one of his “favorite” songs. It was [...]

Awesome Ain’t Easy (Day 4 Update)

Day 4 consisted mostly of driving, however the time we were out of the car was well spent, if you ask us. No White Flags! We woke up in New Orleans and were quickly off to every diabetic’s worst nightmare, the World Famous Café Du Monde.  Unfortunately our diabetic left his insulin at the hotel, [...]

Elusive Internet Monster (Day 2 Update)

Sorry for the slow updates, we rarely have internet access and the energy to use it at the same time. But, Trent is doing an excellent job keeping updates flowing from the phones, so check the facebook, twitter and instagram accounts for the current info. 5 Star Accommodations As the final minutes of day one [...]

Off and Running (Day 1 Recap)

We started the journey, and what a journey it’s been so far. Our 5 am departure was pretty amazing, but the trip sort of began about four hours before that . . . when we started packing the car. We think we did a great job, and if you want to have the same success [...]