Hey girl. I’ve been thinkin’ ’bout you. You been thinkin’ ’bout me too?

We’ve had radio silence here for quite some time.  Our crew did have a pretty epic 15 minute drive down Pacific Coast Highway in Rob’s rented convertible red Camaro last weekend.  We didn’t think to snap any pictures at the time, but here’s an artist’s rendition: Anyways, I read a little article this morning that reminded [...]

Our Pants Are Wet With Anticipation

Do you like adventure? Do you like competition? Do you like fighting ALS? Do you like seafood? Well, all those and more are coming with the 2016 Pacific Cup race from San Francisco to Hawaii. The PanAmerica Crew will be providing land support for Sailing for ALS once again.  In the previous race, we managed [...]

The Ice Bucket Challenge Part 2

Well, here it is.  Our ice bucket challenge video is super official, that’s why it’a posted on the ALS Association’s youtube channel.  Either that, or the team over at the ALSA Golden West Chapter is extremely sleep deprived trying to keep up with this Ice Bucket Phenomenon and it’s leading to poor decision making.  Either [...]

The Ice Bucket Challenge Part 1

So a little over a year ago we thought we were doing really great things for ALS awareness by stuffing ourselves into a quite ridiculous looking Porsche and driving an obscene amount of miles all over North America. It turns out, that if we were smarter, we would have just come up with the ALS [...]

Grrrr update dslfkjdas (Day 11 Update)

Grand Teton: Big mountains, nice views, friendly family gave us bible and wanted to help us find Jesus Christ. **Spoiler Alert — He was not located. Yellowstone: Big water fountain smells bad and was actually quite underwhelming. There was some semi-nude swimming and it was not the Crew member you probably expect it to be. [...]