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Matt’s Training Mission

First off, congratulations to my cousin Vanessa Tobias, wait, make that Vanessa uhh. . . hmm . . . Vanessa something that starts with an S, and her new husband Phil. . . S. on an awesome and beautiful wedding. The trip up to the wedding near Kirkwood, CA, which is just outside of South [...]

$10,000 Down!

From the bottom of all of our hearts, the entire PanAmerica Crew would like to thank everyone who is already involved and showing us this incredible support. We’ve been excited about this trip and hopeful that others would be excited too, but none of us thought that we would hit our fundraising goal nearly a [...]

An Aerodynamic Head

A little while ago, we made a pledge. If we could raise $500 by our deadline, we would shave Trent’s head. If we could raise $1,000 in that same amount of time, we would shave only part of Trent’s head. Well, you guys came through for us and we ended up getting the $500, but just shy [...]

The Birth of The PanAmerica . . .

Not much more than a few weeks ago, The PanAmerica was just something we casually discussed to pass the time on our way to meet some friends. We really weren’t taking it very seriously, just a bunch of “It would be so cool to…” and “Wouldn’t it be fun if…” Nothing tangible, the idea of [...]

The PanAmerica

10,000 miles, 33 states, 4 friends and 1 car. . . for a cause. On July 27th we will begin an epic journey that will take us around the entire country. Our goal is to raise awareness and funds for The ALS Association in Gilles Galerne’s name. As a group of friends embarking on the road [...]