A Day of Rest With Jesus (Day 7 Update)

Just Sleep It Off
We awoke in the morning in New York’s Time’s Square . . . and rolled over.

We awoke in the afternoon in New York’s Time’s Square which felt amazing. We noticed that this hotel had something that we’d never seen before. The blinds actually closed all the way. Seriously, not one drop of light got through, not that we would have woken up any earlier if it had. Knowing that we didn’t have to get in the car and drive was like an emotional spa day. For the first time in over a week, we had the ability to put more than a few feet of distance between us, but surprisingly enough, we never did for more than an hour or so.

Hey Lizzie Sister What Have You Done
While sitting in the room and discussing how incredible the bathroom mirror was (a portion of it, just in front of the sink was heated so that when everything was fogged up, there was a perfectly reflective 24” circle) Trent got a call from his sister, Lizzie. She successfully stole the mirror’s thunder as it turned out that she and her boyfriend Boyd had hooked us up with some of the hardest to get tickets to the show that we most wanted to see. We were thrilled and left the room with extremely large smiles.

Hot Car, Summer in the City
Rob met some friends from Ohio, Andy and Jared, for lunch while the rest of the crew went out with Shruti, a friend from USC. Everyone enjoyed the food and the fact that they could do so at a leisurely pace and not off of their lap.

Gary followed lunch up with a haircut that somehow looked exactly like it did prior to getting a haircut, which either means it was a really good one or a total waste of $50. Trent, Rob and Matt wandered around the city and ended up in an Army Navy Surplus store where Matt found some boots. Now, one of the people we had spoken to earlier in the day mentioned that we would need to dress up for the show, while 25 other people assured us that we could wear whatever we wanted. But just the slightest thought that his current shoes would be inappropriate for the theatre gave Matt all the justification he needed to buy those boots knowing how much they would piss Gary off when it came time to pack the car the next morning. Trent bought sunglasses without the worry of upsetting Gary.

This Frog Will Change Your Life
We were all very excited to see Book of Mormon, and it did not let us down. We’d like to make jokes about it, but we’re not funny enough. The only thing we can say is that we are so grateful to Lizzie and Boyd that Rob has vowed to be their secret guardian. So if either of you hear someone creeping around in the night you should definitely call the police because it could be Rob.

How do you take in sunset in a city that is lit up exactly the same 24 hours a day? Well, we chose to do it at midnight, in our hotel room, and with whisky. We took in the view from our room, which was quite spectacular and happened to include a billboard for our new (possibly only) favorite musical ever. The group broke up once more for an opportunity to spend a little more time with friends, take in a bit more of the city, or work on updates.

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