More chance for vomit, but less chance for speeding tickets!

You probably have a pretty good idea by now how all of this got started. (If not, look at pretty much any other page on this site.) We had an incredible adventure and managed to raise a lot of money for the ALS Association Golden West Chapter. Now, the entire Panamerica Crew is lending its support to a new adventure called SailingForALS.

In about two weeks, our friends Charley and Fred kiss the California shore goodbye for a 13 (hopefully), 14 (possibly), or 15 (hopefully not) day trip from San Francisco to Hawaii.

In 2011, Gilles decided to take part in a grandiose sailing regatta called the TransPac that would take him from Los Angeles to Honolulu on a 40ft racing sailboat with some of his closest friends. Despite being unofficially labeled the “fastest floating wine cellar to cross the Pacific”, they placed second. Among this crew were two gents, Charles Devanneaux and Frederick Courouble, who continued on the following year to sail the Pacific Cup (San Francisco to Hawaii) on an even smaller boat as their own two-man crew. Gilles planned to be among those to welcome them to Hawaii, however, his disease had progressed more quickly than we could have imagined, and he was unable to travel any longer.

The igniting spark for the PanAmerica was anger towards a a car leasing company. SailingForALS is born from excellent memories between great friends who spent thirteen-and-a-half grueling days at sea trying to get to Hawaii (now you guys know why I wanted to circumnavigate the country in that Panamera in just under 14 days). SailingForALS was Charly’s idea: he wanted to honor his friend and raise money to help combat what seems to be a losing battle against a neurodegenerative disease. Charly doesn’t like to spend days in a car. He likes spending days at sea. So did my dad, and most often it was with him.

So here we are. A year after our road trip concluded, we’ve raised over $18,000 and we promise to get back to writing and distributing the videos to you guys. But first, all of us at the PanAmerica want you to follow two exquisitely fearless friends of ours cross the Pacific on their boat, aptly named “Thirsty”.

The ALS Association’s Golden West Chapter has now added Hawaii to it’s already large area that it serves, so we thought this could be a great way to bridge the Pacific gap. The boat has been plastered with ALS Association logos and the crew is ready to get on the water.

The guys leave on July 8th. We’ll be blogging, facebooking, and instatweeting from now until their arrival in Hawaii.

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One thought on “More chance for vomit, but less chance for speeding tickets!

  1. Bon voyage and safe sailing Charles and Fred!
    Enjoy the spectacular sunsets every night, the amazing sunrise every morning, and the great wine I know you have on board all day long.

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